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Ion and Magnet

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what people are saying

David - Austin TX

I accidentally left my bracelet at my job, and it was turned into my manager. He wore it for 2 days, before I went back to work. She said – “order me one of these today. I can tell I feel better – my back doesn’t hurt near as much.” So I am ordering her one right now! They do work!!

Alexa - Las Vegas NV

I must admit that I was skeptical about buying the one of those Bracelet. But I thought I would give it a try… After wearing the bracelet for 2 weeks, I couldn’t be happy. The soreness in my wrists have gone away. Based on the benefits I’ve received, my wife is going to order a bracelet!

Rick - Chicago IL

I received my bracelet as a gift from a friend at work..and nice..i put it on to be polite and went about my evening. I also have a farm, and a 20 year dog breeding business, and horses. At 57, I am often get pain and swelling in my hands back and legs. I do not think I noticed the first few days how it helped me. I put it on everyday so that my friend would know I wore it. For two days I did not wear it..WOW! I noticed it then! Since then I rarely take it off, and it has helped the pain immensely even after extreme work in the barn. I will never be without one!! I am one that it is definitely not a placebo effect, I didn’t even know about Ions or magnets!

Terry - New York NY

Your bracelets are the best in the market place. I have tried several ion bracelets over the years. Yours beats the competition HANDS DOWN !!!

Jacob - Simcoe, ON, Canada

I’ve been a Game Designer for 31 years and over time I have caused damage to my right arm and shoulder. Over the last couple years I’ve spent a fortune on therapists until I ran across the Ionandmagnet website, and decided to order one to try. The results… well… AMAZING! The constant throbbing pain subsided after a week and I can finally have a comfortable nights sleep. Thanks, your products are incredible.

Robert - Doncaster, England

I wish to thank you for such a wonderful product. I have been using the bracelet now for over 5 weeks and I am amazed. I play a lot of tennis and golf which takes a lot of energy, especially in the sun. Whatever the technology is….it has truly provided me with more energy at the end of the day. I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone who spends time in the outdoors. IT REALLY REALLY WORKS. Thank you.
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